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5 Things You Want to Know About WALLHANG Wall Covering

We love the power it has to transform a room and decorate the walls with creative designs. WALLHANG, which produces these products for the first time in our country with these new products and stands out with its design ideas, is a brand that produces quality wall decoration products with creative designs for all living spaces. Discover quality wall coverings with creative designs in various styles that you can use on your walls for many years!

  1. What is a wall covering?

Today, a tapestry refers to any piece of fabric designed to be hung on a wall, as distinguished from a tapestry , which has pictures and patterns on it and is woven to be hung on the wall . WALLHANG, uniquely designed wall covering products made of quality polyester fabric have different sizes. Their edges are stitched. In terms of the material used in its construction, WALLHANG wall covering is very light and gives a silky touch feeling; It is also soft and skin-friendly.

WALLHANG wall covering is highly durable for indoor and outdoor use. Its print does not fade over time and has long-lasting color permanence. It is the easiest way to revitalize your living space with its vibrant and bright colors.

  1. Where is the best place to hang?

Besides being decorative, a wall covering is a form of expression, it tells other people something about you. They make a great addition to any space, but hang where they can make the biggest impact. It is suitable for all rooms of the house. It will add a bohemian texture and charm to your room; It can easily transform any room in your home into a modern yet ethereal place. Let your own creative intuition guide you when deciding where to hang it. You can hang them over a sofa, bed, dresser, or on a smaller wall where they can create an almost wallpaper effect.

WALLHANG | Crazy People City Wall Covering
WALLHANG Crazy People City wall covering, Sinem's house (Istanbul, Turkey).
  1. How to hang?

Great! WALLHANG has an excellent idea about this. We know people's concerns about damage to their walls. Two special adhesive saw-toothed wall hangers sent with the WALLHANG wall covering allow hanging, easy application, easy removal and use on various surfaces without damaging the wall. Thanks to the adhesives, they hold on strongly and come off cleanly. They do not leave behind cracks, holes, damaged plaster or adhesive residue. Thus, you can easily hang it on the wall as you wish without damaging it and you can change its location whenever you want, you will not have any problems or difficulties. Of course, it is possible to do this using old methods; All you need is two small nails or tacks.

WALLHANG | The Great Wave Wall Covering

WALLHANG The Great Wave wall covering. Azra's house (Budapest, Hungary).

If you want to use it on a piece of furniture such as a separator rather than on the wall, the solution is quite simple; Using small pegs also has a different atmosphere.

WALLHANG | Flower Power Wall Covering

WALLHANG Flower Power wall covering. Egemen's house (Istanbul, Türkiye).

WALLHANG | Flower Power Wall Covering

WALLHANG Flower Power wall covering. Egemen's house (Istanbul, Türkiye).

  1. How to care?

WALLHANG takes careful measures to ensure safe protection during shipment. As a matter of fact, the product you purchase online must reach you in good condition. The product you purchased from the WALLHANG website is sent carefully folded in a package; To protect the product, it is placed in nylon packaging and boxed. After opening the package, you can use your hands to gently straighten the product while hanging it. If your product has serious wrinkles, the best way to fix it is to use an iron. The only thing you need to pay attention to here is to iron it cold. If the wall cover gets dirty, don't worry, you can wash it gently by hand or in the machine in cold water (maximum temperature 30 ° C) at low speed.

  1. Can it be used in any other way other than hanging on the wall?

Yes, wall covering is a versatile product. Designed for wall; However, you can hang it from the ceiling or use it for decorative purposes as a bedspread, tablecloth, curtain, sofa cover, beach shawl, or yoga mat.

WALLHANG wall coverings are about endless creativity, the uses of which are limited only by your imagination.

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