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If You Want to Create Your Own Style in Decoration, Bohemian May Be For You

If you are looking for a style where you can create your own style in decoration, bohemian may be for you. Because while in bohemian decorating rooms tend to have certain similarities in that they are always eclectic and share similar characteristics, no two rooms are exactly alike. Bohemian style is inspired by people who choose to live an unconventional life, such as travelers, artists and writers. Bohemian decoration; It is for those who want to see their home full of life, culture and interesting worlds. In this style, there is no concern for aesthetics and modern sensitivities; What is comfortable and extraordinary is done. Comfort and imperfection make a room bohemian. A wall covering is the way to add a bohemian touch.

WALLHANG | Mandala Sun Wall Covering

WALLHANG Mandala Sun wall covering.

Make your living room more beautiful, comfortable, relaxing, stylish and bohemian by using textile products in decoration.

WALLHANG | Mandala Moon Wall Covering

WALLHANG Mandala Moon wall cover.

Make your room interesting with beautiful contrasting patterns decorating the wall.

WALLHANG | Woman Face Wall Covering
WALLHANG Woman Face wall covering.
Create bohemian siesta areas for yourself.
WALLHANG | Woman Face Wall Covering
WALLHANG Woman Face wall covering.
If you like to use colors and patterns in decoration, you can use bohemian breezes by combining them with your own style.
WALLHANG | Sunshine Wall Covering
WALLHANG Sunshine wall covering.
WALLHANG | Retro Mandala Wall Covering
WALLHANG Retro Mandala wall cover.

Bohemian bedroom where red wall covering and natural texture mix; colours, patterns, plants and free-spirited items. Get inspired by these bedroom design ideas to create a sleep-enhancing space using natural textures!

WALLHANG | Bohemian Mandala Wall Covering

WALLHANG Bohemian Mandala wall covering.
Those who love bohemian gypsy style! Here is a road map to find your destiny;
WALLHANG | Palmistry Wall Covering
WALLHANG Palmistry wall covering.
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